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Surviving the Summer: Mental Health Tips for the Family

Updated: Jan 22

Summer is often associated with relaxation and enjoyment, but for families juggling work and kids, it can be a stressful time. To help you navigate the summer months, here are five impactful tips for maintaining your mental health and fostering family well-being. Erin Harris, President of Preventive Measures, shares her expert insights to make this summer a more manageable and fulfilling experience. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEGMENT.

Prepare and Connect:

Meal prepping can significantly reduce stress throughout the workday. Involve your children in the process, creating positive experiences and building connections. Take a few minutes each morning or the night before to plan and prepare meals, minimizing interruptions and maximizing quality time.

Limit Screen Time:

Both parents and children should be mindful of excessive screen time. Extended periods of scrolling through social media have been linked to negative effects on mental health and self-esteem. Set boundaries by designating specific times as "no phone zones" and encourage alternative activities such as card games or shared hobbies to foster connection and reduce screen time.

Embrace Playfulness:

Take time to be playful with your spouse and children to enhance relationships and emotional connections. Engage in activities like a quick basketball game, playing with dolls, or any activity that allows you to let go and simply enjoy the experience. By showing vulnerability and being fully present, you can strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.

Be Disciplined and Present:

When committing to family time, be disciplined and fully present. Start winding down ahead of scheduled activities to ensure you keep your commitments. By demonstrating discipline and being fully engaged, you set an example for your children while also increasing their trust in your work boundaries, reducing interruptions, and fostering a healthier work-life balance.

Embrace Imperfection and Reset:

Accept that plans may not always go as intended. Don't be too hard on yourself or your children if things don't unfold perfectly. Check-in with your family members, ask about their feelings, and involve them in decision-making. Remember, it's okay to hit the reset button. Take a deep breath, embrace the opportunity to try again tomorrow, and make the most of the little moments.

As you navigate the summer months, remember to prioritize your mental health and family well-being to create a summer filled with cherished memories. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and remember that even the smallest moments count.


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