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Prioritizing Mental Health: A Vital Aspect for Businesses and Communities

Updated: Feb 15

Chiletta Walls, Chief Marketing Officer at Preventive Measures

In an insightful episode of "Business Matters," aired on February 5, 2025, our very own Chiletta Walls, the Chief Marketing Officer of Preventive Measures, alongside other esteemed guests, brought to light the critical issue of mental health awareness. Hosted by Tony Iannelli, President and CEO of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, the program discussed the importance of destigmatizing mental health discussions and the pivotal role of “preventive measures” in mental well-being. 

Walls, with her profound insights, emphasized the necessity of early intervention and the benefits of being equipped with tools to manage mental health proactively. Her perspective, "I was raised to be strong, but we never talked about what brought us down in the first place," resonated deeply, highlighting a common cultural stigma. It's a poignant reminder of the silent battles many face due to societal pressures to appear invulnerable. 

The episode, which also featured voices like Richard Orlemann from Lehigh County Mental Health, Chad Bruckner of Motivate Change, Christy Dunbar from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and Leo Rooney of The Chamber, collectively advocated for increased awareness and support from both government agencies and community organizations. The discussion acknowledged the growing demand for therapists and the newfound freedom to discuss mental health openly, marking a significant shift from past reticence to a more open and supportive dialogue.


"Business Matters" is a platform that bridges the gap between business leaders, community figures, and the public, offering diverse viewpoints on crucial issues like mental health. This episode stands out for its contribution to breaking down barriers and encouraging conversations that could pave the way for a healthier society. 



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