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Preventive Measures Announces $125K Gift to Morehouse College for Mental Health and Counseling Support Transforming Futures for the Next Generation

Preventive Measures Announces $125K Gift to Morehouse College for Mental Health and Counseling Support Transforming Futures for the Next Generation

The Preventive Measures Foundation (TPMF), is proud to announce a significant donation of $125,000 to Morehouse College. This generous gift marks a substantial step in TPMF’s commitment to fostering mental health representation and nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals.

This transformative donation will establish a $100,000 endowment over four years, specifically targeting scholarships for students in Health and Human Services degrees. Additionally, TPMF will contribute $20,000 to the Morehouse Counseling and Accessibility Services and $5,000 to the Career Development & Engagement office at Morehouse College.

TPMF’s partnership with Morehouse College extends beyond financial support. Collaborative efforts with the Career Development & Engagement office will open avenues for jobs and internships within the Preventive Measures Wellness Enterprise, aligning with TPMF’s mission to develop and employ culturally competent clinicians in the field of mental health.

Dwayne Jones - Preventive Measures - Preventive Measures Foundation

"Our contribution to Morehouse College is more than a donation; it’s an investment in the future of mental health care, particularly in the African American community, and among Black men, specifically." said Mr. Jones, Chairman of TPMF and CEO Preventive Measures, Inc. "As a father, I recognize the vital role that young Black men play in shaping our world. My sons have inspired me to ensure that Black men, are empowered to pursue excellence and self-development. This donation is part of my ongoing commitment to mentorship, career opportunities, and partnership in this vital field."

A. Scott Bolden, Esq., a distinguished Morehouse alumnus and Board Member of TPMF, also expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative. "As an alumnus of Morehouse College, I am proud to see TPMF’s substantial commitment to my alma mater. This gift will not only enhance the college’s mental health and counseling services but also reinforce our collective effort in cultivating a new generation of black mental health professionals," said Bolden.

The announcement coincides with TPMF’s Inaugural Gala, highlighting its mission and the foundation’s “Equitable Minds” (#EquitableMinds) movement, aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity in mental health care. TPMF is actively seeking the next generation of talent to expand its mission, with various employment opportunities currently available.

This substantial gift is TPMF’s dedication to closing the gap in mental health representation and supporting young professionals in their journey to becoming skilled, compassionate therapists. TPMF’s visionary approach promises a brighter future for mental health care, with a particular focus on nurturing culturally competent professionals who are attuned to the diverse needs of their communities. For more information about the foundation and how to get involved, visit or email



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