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Welcome to our Self-Care Isn't Selfish campaign! We believe that self-care is an act of empowerment and invite you to join this transformative journey dedicated to embracing self-care and prioritizing your well-being. Throughout the campaign, we'll share tips and inspiration to help you cultivate a nurturing self-care practice that acknowledges the importance of your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Join us in celebrating the importance of self-care and empowering yourself to prioritize your well-being by sharing your self-care routine! Register now!


Drawing Prize

One lucky winner will receive a fabulous PM self-care package filled with items designed to enhance your well-being. The prize includes a selection of self-care products, a mindfulness journal, relaxation tools, and more to help you create your personalized self-care routine. (Est value $100)

How to Participate:

It's simple to enter:

· Take a selfie while indulging in your favorite self-care activity or moment.

· Post the selfie on your Facebook and/or Instagram using the hashtags #selfcareisntselfish and #preventivemeasuresinc.

· Tag @preventivemeasuresinc

· Complete the registration form to ensure you are entered to win and we can find and like your post!


PREVENTIVE MEASURES is excited to offer you a chance to win a fabulous self-care package. 

To enter the "Self-Care Selfie" drawing, please fill out the form below: 

We’d love to be able to like your post, please share your Self-Care Selfie Submission: 

Upload Your Selfie

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